"ALIV Stone Suites"
Unique Location

Aliv Suites is situated at the most spectacular and isolated spot on the northern side of Zakynthos. Surrounded by the mesmerizing rocky landscape and the infinite blue of the Ionian Sea that lies before you...
A tranquil place for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation, just a stone's throw away from all the finest sights and landmarks of the island!

Experience the unspoiled natural beauty of the island

From the famous shipwreck beach to the picturesque port of Agios Nikolaos and the magnificent Blue Caves, discover the known and unknown parts of this mesmerizing island.

Visit the tranquil side of Zakynthos for rejuvenating experiences, enchanting landscape views and endless blue of the Ionian Sea. Create unforgettable moments on the perfect isolation getaway for a boost of happiness and relaxation.

Discover remote magical beaches

There is a tranquil side to this dreamy island where numerous unforgettable and exciting sights await for you to explore and will forever remain in your happiest of memories…

The never-ending sights of blue seas on the horizon and crystal clear waters of remarkable beaches bring out inner peace with a one with nature salty and sunny feeling. Their charm embraces inner peace and ultimate relaxation, fulfilling a reality of your visions of a paradise on earth.

Some remarkable beaches are also hatching grounds for turtles, thus here is a good chance of spotting one or two on a turtle-spotting cruise or a glass bottom boat!

Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach

The Shipwreck Beach is the most commercial place on the island. You take a tour, go there to take a swim, click a few photos and in 20 minutes you must leave because the next ship full of tourists is waiting.

If you don’t mind crowds you can sunbathe on the beach, swim in the ethereal water, marvel at the cliffs and explore the wreck.

Port of Agios Nikolaos

Are you craving for an unforgettable day trip at a beach? Not just any beach… Agios Nikolaos (named after a nearby chapel), is one of the most exciting fun-filled places to spend the day. With both a lively and quiet side to it, you can choose to do sports activities and experience the deep end of timeless Ionian waters… Or experience the salty pleasures of a pure relaxing day, sunbathing and grabbing a bite at the restaurant, overlooking the charming Ionian blue.

The Blue Caves

A point of departure awaits for you at the little harbour of Skinari, at the very north of Zakynthos. A boat trip to the Blue Caves is a must see, as within minutes, you’ll be floating through a magnificent landscape of limestone sea caves and natural arches.

There’s nothing accidental about the “blue caves” name, as the water can only be ideally described as a shade of milky blue, caused by the interplay of the sun and the white limestone.

You’ll get to jump in for a swim… don’t be alarmed to see your skin turn a ghostly hue under the surface.. embrace it and feel nature do its magic!

Mikro Nisi (Small island)

Swimming in the waters surrounding the “Mikro Nisi” beach and turning around from your deep purifying dive will remind you of a miraculous postcard. The small steps that lead down to the coastline has small boats moored around creating a picturesque scene.

You can either relax on this beautiful pebbled beach or dive from its remarkable rocks surrounding the area. If you feel like you cannot get enough and want to reboost your energy, fulfil your appetite with only the best Mediterranean food with unforgettable photographic scenes to gaze at.